SaaS conversion rate optimisation: Get more of your people doing what you want them to do

Convert, buy, sign up, donate, enquire, click, tap… 

You’re making the effort to get people to come to your product, page or platform.

Probably after spending time, effort and a chunk of £££ on ads, social media, SEO, emails. Plus a whole load of late nights building your product.

It’s time you saw a better return on your investment.

That’s what optimisation is all about. Making more of your people stick around. Because the more they stay and visit, the more likely they convert.

Conversion rate optimisation works best when we:

  • Already have visitors/customers (so we can get some insights from them)
  • Want to know how people are arriving – and what’s holding some back while others convert
  • Want to increase conversions without increasing what you’re already spending on SEO, social media or content creation

ConversionTown process

Stage 1: Diagnose

You know how doctors can’t tell what’s wrong with someone just by looking at them. Unless they’ve got a broken arm or something. That’s why we start by gathering data and feedback from your users and your Google Analytics and Hotjar data:

  • Finding where your visitors exit
    Looking for common patterns and potential problem areas
  • Which pages generate most conversions
    Comparing different channel performance, such as PPC vs organic, to know what is/isn’t working
  • Understanding your audience’s motivations
    Questioning prospects and customers about what made them visit your site and convert or abandon

Stage 2: Quick fixes

There are often some quick improvements we can make. Based on a mix of technical tests we can run quickly. Plus some best practices we can use as a foundation if we need to. These include checking:

  • Copy is clear, persuasive and the right tone
    Fixing any obvious issues around grammar, tone of voice, and unclear words
  • Layout and journey to conversion is straightforward
    Doing walkthroughs, checking for any potential wrong turns or problems with any steps
  • Pages are loading fast and with no bugs
    We can run quick tests that will identify problem areas

Stage 3: Action plan

After 4 weeks you’ll know where and why your website is leaking visitors. You’ll get:

  • Reports covering what needs to be done to plug the leaks
  • Recommendations for increasing conversions in the short-term
  • Recommendations for increasing conversions in the long-term

4. Next steps

This totally depends on the project and your aims. If you have enough visitors, we could run AB tests to see which version of a page converts best. Or we can optimise another area of your website or campaign.

While it’s all about results, the theory comes from here. The industry-standard qualification in conversion rate optimisation.

I’ve used Steven for many projects over the years, for writing various materials. He’s been involved with Discuto from the early days and his contributions have helped greatly as the platform has grown. Glad to recommend his services!
Hannes LeoCo-Founder, Discuto