UX copy & content design: Helpful & human content for your users

Sure, much of ConversionTown is focused on guiding a person to take actions that the business wants.

But here, it’s different. Instead, UX copy & content design are about guiding a person to take actions that the person wants. Whether that’s in the product, on a platform, or following a user guide, tutorial or FAQs.

Hire me and you get a UX copywriter and content designer who’s designed, created and managed in-app and platform-based journeys, developed Knowledge Bases and ‘how to’ tutorials, through to optimising microcopy and calls to action.

I’ve done this for projects including:

  • Non-profit payment portal
    (for 55,000+ tenants)
  • Collaboration platform
    (online discussions and voting for 18,000+ users)
  • No-code app builder
    (self-service, AI-assisted, award-winning)
I’ve used Steven for many projects over the years, for writing various materials. He’s been involved with Discuto from the early days and his contributions have helped greatly as the platform has grown. Glad to recommend his services!
Hannes LeoCo-Founder, Discuto

Your UX copywriting & content design service includes…

Knowledge Base management

Gain a library and resource that works for your product users. Where taxonomy and search is carefully crafted for every stage of the user journey. Adapted to match the user’s state of mind, whether that’s to explore, convert, or “I’ve got a problem” and “WTF”.

  • strategic taxonomy and Information Architecture
  • microcopy, UX copy, UI copy
  • using Figma, Notion, or whatever your product team prefer
  • guidance for accessibility, including contrast and alt tags (for screen readers) in place

Tone of voice

People do business with people they like. I’ll make sure your users like how you sound, so they’ll like working with you and your product. All while making sure the copy matches your brand and how you want to be positioned.  This can include:

  • establishing your tone of voice
  • creating or developing a style guide for your business
  • branding and positioning (how do we want to sound to your audience compared to your competitors?)

Getting users from A to B, and to C (conversion & completion)

Get a strategist to take the lead and map user journeys, based on data from funnels or from best practices. With experience working with designers and developers to expand or build wireframes.

  • Crafting helpful and human copy
  • Content aligned to your tone of voice (or developing your tone and brand’s language)
  • Defining your personas (and their motivations)
  • Ensuring accessibility (alt tags, descriptive hyperlinks)
  • Ensuring readability (Flesch scores)
  • Analysing paths and optimising based on results
  • Collaborating with product teams in Figma

User testing

Giving you qualitative insight, either with me sitting next to users or behind a two-way mirror. Setting tasks, managing responses, analysing results. All to make sure user journeys work in practice as well as theory.

  • Remote or in-person testing
  • Writing test scripts
  • Creating reports and recommendations based on feedback