Content to inform, educate and guide (in a polite way) towards conversion.

This Conversiontown district is where you get a SaaS excavator. Digging deep to understand your product, audience and your competitors. Taking technical concepts and making it easy to read and understand. Creating content for teams including:

  • Product
  • UX & UI
  • Marketing
  • Customer experience

You can either give me your brief, or I can develop the concept for you. Giving your audience content that matches their state of mind. Whether that’s frustrated “how do I complete an action”, or exploratory “what does this product do?”

Steve has proven himself to be an excellent resource, able to handle any topic and any volume of work with ease, always with an eye on quality.
Richard CohnFounder, Scribbles Writing Services

Your technical content service includes…

In-depth SaaS content

Long-form content is a big investment in terms of your budget – and your branding. That’s why I’ll work with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve. In terms of results (of course), and also in terms of brand awareness.

I’m used to working with multiple stakeholders for these projects – everyone from CEO and CMO to legal and PR. Previous projects include:

  • White papers on AI
  • Industry reports on data and IoT
  • Ebooks on robo-investing
  • Blogs on Microsoft 365 tools
  • Forbes articles for CEOs

Simplifying complexity

Content that explains what you do, and how others can use it. Whether for end users or technical users, making it easy to understand, follow and act on. Using words written in plain English, formatted for online scanning and encouraging action.

I’ve done this for multiple SaaS companies – from help centre and Knowledge Base articles, to step-by-step onboarding instructions.

  • End user content (turning complex steps into easy-to-follow instructions
  • Developer/admin content (plain English while retaining technical references to APIs, connectors, M365 admin centers)
  • Structured authoring (including minimalism approaches for instructions)

Infographic/visual content

As much as it hurts me as a copywriter – a picture paints a thousand words.

This knowledge underpins the infographic copy you’ll receive. Quickfire summaries, catchy headlines, plain English explanations.

Whatever gets your message across – all done in collaboration with your designers of course.

Case studies

People reading case studies are comparing you against your competitors. In other words, they’re ready to buy.

That’s why you need case studies that quickly showcase why you’re the right choice. Work with me and get case studies that can include:

  • Interviews with customers
  • Interviews with your technical people
  • Show the challenging “before” and the successful “after”
  • Summarise results achieved