Landing pages: Where it’s all about results

The stakes couldn’t be higher for landing pages. The reader has to convert… or exit. That’s why you get copy (of course) but also an extra package to make sure you’re set up for conversions.

It’s based on a framework I use for landing page conversions (some results are on the reviews page). It’s been used for software trials, platform sign-ups, beta testers, app downloads, recruiting candidates, ebook sales, charity donations. Best of all, it works across industries (as you can see in the portfolio).

Responsive, delivered on time and excellent quality but also knowledgeable, helpful and goes an extra mile — have already recommended Steve to my colleagues
Iwona StepienDirector, Linguist Connect

ConversionTown training workshops include a focus on landing pages

Your landing page service includes…

Conversion-focused words

Only words and elements focused on conversion should be on landing pages. Anything else is a distraction and loses you conversions. That’s why this service involves a process of research (into your audience and competitors), psychology (talking to their motivations and objections), and straightforward talking (showing, not telling, why they should convert).

Layout & design guidance

This includes mapping out the layout (aka wireframing). Guiding your designer on hierarchy (making sure important elements are easiest to see). Making sure fonts and colours are easy on the eye (removing any friction).

Service & MOT

Testing the page on different devices (so people can convert across desktop, mobile etc). Making sure the page loads fast (slow pages kill conversions). Fixing SEO issues (if you want the page found in search results).

Measuring results

Setting up tracking to give the conversion rate (you’re in ConversionTown, after all). Running AB tests (on different versions of the page). Segmenting conversions so you get more insight (eg whether people arriving from Facebook ads convert better than people from LinkedIn ads).