Email content & optimisation: Let’s have the right conversations with your audience

Emails are either…

1. Those people who knock on your door just as you’re sitting down to dinner. Asking if you’re interested in voting for the political party you despise.

2. The friendly neighbour who offers you whatever you’ve just run out of.

This district of ConversionTown is all about making your emails into that friendly neighbour. The way we do that is by:

1. Having a powerful offer, product, or reason for emailing

2. Sending it to the right audience

3. Making sure the email captures Attention, arouses Interest, evokes Desire, and inspires Action (simple but effective AIDA technique)

4. If recipients aren’t interested, making sure the email doesn’t make them want to mark you as spam

Option 1 and 2 is down to you. Option 3 and 4 is down to me. Fair enough? Let’s do it.

Steve delivered lead generating copy for my website and those of my clients, and has also advised my team on SEO for them to educate our clients. He knows a great deal about email copywriting and has provided my team with leads from nurturing and workflow emails thanks to his magic words
Owen MorganDirector, This is Bobcat

Your email copywriting service includes…

Meeting requests with decision-makers

With these emails it’s about getting the “why I’m emailing and why it’s of benefit to you” in straightaway.

They only really work when they’re highly targeted. Yes it takes longer, but it’s always better to send 10 highly personalised than 1,000 generic. That’s why the email service includes:

  • Research into recipient to personalise each email
  • Developing tone of voice (so you stand out among the hundreds of cut-and-paste/chat GPT emails they also receive
  • Developing email sequences (persistency is fine when we are offering a genuine problem-solving solution)

Onboarding your customers

Getting the SaaS sign-up is one thing. Then you’ve got to get people using your product. Maybe going from freemium to paid-for. That’s when you need:

  • welcome emails
  • helpful “check out this feature” emails
  • “hey, we noticed you haven’t logged in for a while” emails
  • “ready to upgrade?” emails

These are all about starting off relationships with your customers in the best possible way. After all, that’s when the recipient’s motivation is at their highest.

And making sure your emails arrive in their inbox and not the spam folder. Don’t worry, I can help you with that too.

SaaS community & newsletter emails

They key to these emails is always offering useful information. We can send these multiple times a week if you have something of value. Or quarterly – I do both types for clients.

And definitely no “We are delighted to announce…” intros. These emails are always about answering your recipient’s #1 question: “What’s in it for me?”

Personalization & metrics

I will personalise emails using your CRM, whether that’s HubSpot, Marketo or something else.

Naturally, this includes measuring the results. Going beyond open rates and analysing which emails actually get conversions and lead to revenue. That way we learn and optimise every time. Using data and not spray-and-pray hit-and-hope nonsense.