Content strategy: This ConversionTown district gives you content services for the long-term strategic approach.

“Build it and they will come”. Said no content strategist ever.

This service gives you 10+ years’ of digital content manager, website editor and content manager. With experience of growing websites, teams, and managing content for every stage of your audience’s buying journey.

I contacted Steve because we’d built a website for our clients, and needed someone to show them how to publish and manage its content. I’m happy to say he delivered on all requests, giving our clients guidance on how to write for the web, SEO considerations, plus a general WordPress overview. Definitely happy to recommend Steve for this sort of thing!
Harry RobbinsFounder, Outlandish

Your content strategy service includes…

Aligning content to your goals

This starts with understanding your audience’s awareness levels. For example:

  • Unaware = storytelling content to educate them about you and what you offer
  • Aware = case study content showing why you’re the right choice

Then aligning this content to your goals, by using content such as:

  • Video scripts & storyboarding
  • Infographics
  • Event invitations & write-ups

Managing writers & creators

I’ve done this on two levels:

  • Managing teams of writers
    Creating briefs, giving constructive feedback, interviewing and hiring
  • Aligning output
    Creating style guides and tone of voice guidelines, so content is consistent in style and quality

Planning ahead

You’ll get content calendars that keep your content relevant and up-to-date. Making sure you know what’s coming out over the next 3,6 or 12 months. Mapped to what’s happening in your industry (from regular events to fast-moving news stories).

Measuring ROI and impact

If you’re investing in content, I’ll make sure you know what you’re getting in return. However you want to measure success. From page views and clicks, to downloads and sign-ups, you can have everything tracked. What’s more this helps motivate team members, showing the direct impact of their content creation.