Conversion copywriting talks & training. For your business, at events, or intensive 1-2-1 sessions

Get 10+ years of content, copywriting and conversion rate optimisation knowledge – based on working with startups, agencies and global brands.

We always cover what’s working right now in content, copywriting and conversion rate optimisation. We can dive deep into theory, keep things practical, or mix the two. Oh, and definitely no awkward ‘ground, just swallow me now’ ice-breaking activities.

I loved Steve’s tip on microcopy and the example given – I find these little titbit really useful for negotiating with stakeholders when I face reluctance to try something different or update our content.
Katy BAttendee at ``Free Masterclass: a Recipe for Creating High-converting Landing Pages``
Thank you Steve for the insightful world of landing pages
LucianeAttendee at ``Free Masterclass: a Recipe for Creating High-converting Landing Pages``


You’ll often find me around London at events and meetups. Talks are usually 30–45 minutes, plus Q&A. I also usually hang around afterwards to chat with attendees and soothe my hoarse voice at the bar.


Workshops can be brought to you, done online, or you can come to one of my venues dotted around London. These are always created bespoke to what you want to cover.

Events I’ve spoken/taught/wielded a microphone at include:

“What topics do you cover?”

Absolutely anything on content, copywriting and website/landing page optimisation. We can focus on specific areas, or I can put together a course plan. For example:

Writing for the web

Best practices around structure of copy/content, layout. When to use headers, bullet points and bold. When you need captions under images and why 1-word sentences are ok. Really.

Publishing for the web

Getting ranked by search engines, researching keywords and where to add them to your page. How and when to link to other pages (to keep people on your website or get them visiting important pages). Plus, when not to make your pages open for anyone to find.

Selling on the web

How to write headlines that make people read your words. Tactics for building up relationships before the hard-sell. And why sending people to your homepage is like burning £20 notes.

Measuring ROI and impact

Setting up Google Analytics the right way (and how to stop bots sabotaging your reports). Identifying which KPIs to measure and which to ignore (including anything with ‘average’ eg average bounce rate). How to prioritise what needs fixing in a campaign

“What level are the talks, training & workshops?”

I’ve taught those just starting out/career-changers, to people in digital who want to ‘step up’, and C-level/Heads who want strategies (and ideas). Themes have included:


When you’re just getting started with a new website and/or campaign.

What we’ll cover: How to get your pages ready in the shortest time. Techniques to quickly optimise your copy.

Scaling up

Planning strategies to set you up for long-term growth

What we’ll cover: Content strategy – mapping out what you need and how to outshine competitors. Deciding what success looks like – and how to measure it (and quickly change course if necessary).

Getting the edge

Building, adapting or changing your brand.

What we’ll cover: Working out how and where to pitch you in your market and against your competitors. Helping you target new audiences – and working out how ‘aware’ they are of you and what you offer.

I contacted Steve because we’d built a website for our clients, and needed someone to show them how to publish and manage its content. I’m happy to say he delivered on all requests, giving our clients guidance on how to write for the web, SEO considerations, plus a general WordPress overview. Definitely happy to recommend Steve for this sort of thing!
Harry RobbinsFounder, Outlandish