• Ebook: Free 49-page guide to conversion copywriting & website optimisation

    Conversion copywriting & and website optimisation for the “start-up to scale-up” journey

    This ebook is for founders, CEOs, business leaders, marketers, content managers, website editors, and anyone else who works on websites, landing pages or digital campaigns

    Particularly those at the scale-up stage of growth, seeking investment, or targeting new markets. Because words that work as a start-up can seem out of-date when you’re scaling. Services may have expanded and aren’t reflected on your website pages. Maybe you’ve got funding and want to optimise your campaigns and ROI.

    This guide will help you solve all that. It’s based on 10+ years of frontline experience in growing websites and campaigns. Grab it free today for:

    Part 1: Words that get conversions (page 4)

    • how to get people to actually read your words, so you connect and convert them (page 5)
    • how to use the 7 sins in your copy to convert your audience (page 7)
    • 15 ways to get people to open and act on your emails (page 10)

    Part 2: Optimising for conversions (page 13)

    • how to make your first impression the right impression (page 15)
    • the 3 questions you must answer if you want conversions (page 15–16)
    • tips for optimising forms for sales, sign-ups & enquiries (page 17)

    Part 3: Landing page optimisation (page 21)

    • anatomy of a landing page that converts (page 23)
    • how to A/B test the right way – and the best alternatives (page 25)
    • template questions to save you time & convert faster (page 27, 28)

    Part 4: Getting strategic (page 29)

    • how to audit your website so you keep what works (page 30)
    • how to decide if/when you need new sections (page 32)
    • how to track & measure goals (for free) so you know how you’re performing (page 33)

    Part 5: SEO dos & don’ts (page 37)

    • a non-technical way to make your pages load faster so people don’t exit (page 39)
    • how to get your emails into inboxes not spam folders (page 41)

    Bonus: How to never have to do any of this stuff (page 45)

    • find out the shortcut used by many highly clued-up people such as yourself
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